CEO Roundtable Calendar - 2023
January Charlie 1/20 IHOP MacArthur Blvd
February James 2/17 Onotria Wine Country Cuisine
March Lloyd 3/17 IHOP
April Brad 4/28 IHOP
May Open 5/19 IHOP
June Open 6/16 IHOP
July no meeting -- --
August Lynn 8/18 Green St Cafe
September Hal (Brad) 9/15 IHOP
October Jim B 10/20  
November Gary 11/17  
December Bob -TBD  
2 0 2 1  -                   -  2 0 2 2  -                   -  2 0 2 4  -
  2023 calendar (pdf)

CEO Roundtable Guidelines

Host Responsibilities:

1.     Poll members to determine meeting attendees and agenda topics, issues and/or updates.

2.     Determine meeting type (7:30 AM Bus, Lunch, Business Lunch, etc.) based on agenda and feedback from members.

3.     Determine and communicate meeting type and location to all members.

4.     Publish agenda, if appropriate.

5.     Originally scheduled Host shall find a replacement Host if unavailable.  Replacement Host will then perform 1 thru 5 above.

*subject to change by Host.

Issue Processing Presentation Format

1.    Presenter:  State the Issue/challenge/problem/opportunity & what assistance is needed from the group.

2.    Presenter:  Facts – concise brief of information that is relevant and critical to understanding the issue.

3.    Presenter:  Planned actions.

4.    CEO-RT members:  Clarifying Questions from group members to increase clarity in understanding the issue (questions should not contain embedded actions or recommendations).

5.    CEO-RT members:  Recommendations & suggestions from the group.  Challenge construct and planned actions.  Suggest approach or actions the presenter might take to move toward resolution of the stated issue.

6.    Presenter:  Conclusions and planned action steps as a result of the group feedback.